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Anterior hip replacement patients typically spend less time in the hospital, have less pain during recovery, and get back on their feet faster than those who have traditional hip replacement surgery. The board certified surgeons at Texas Hill Country Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine are some of the few surgeons to regularly perform this specialized muscle-sparing procedure. The goal is optimal outcomes for every patient, so they are there for you both during surgery and during recovery. There are two offices in Fredericksburg and Boerne, Texas, so call the one nearest you or click on the online appointment maker.

Anterior Hip Replacement Q & A

What is anterior hip replacement?

Anterior hip replacement is a surgical approach in which the doctor works from the front of your body to replace your damaged or worn hip joint with ceramic or metal components. 

Traditional hip surgery approaches — from the back (posterior) or the side (lateral) — cause considerable muscle damage, but the goal of anterior hip replacement is to preserve the muscles and tendons around your hip joint as much as possible. 

What are the advantages of anterior hip replacement?

Anterior hip replacement offers many advantages over traditional hip replacement methods, which is why the doctors use this advanced approach. Some of those benefits include:

  • Smaller incision
  • Less scarring
  • Less tissue disruption
  • Less pain
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Faster recovery
  • Reduced risk of hip dislocation after surgery
  • Less post-surgical restrictions
  • Precise limb length matching


Most people who have anterior hip replacement surgery are able to walk, with assistance, on the same day of surgery. On average, anterior hip replacement patients return to full mobility around a week faster than those who had traditional hip surgery. 

When might I need anterior hip replacement?

An estimated 90% of people who undergo hip replacement surgery have osteoarthritis. Some other possible reasons for hip joint replacement include avascular necrosis (bone death due to lack of blood supply), osteomyelitis (bone infection), bone tumors, and fractures that don't heal properly. 

When you have chronic hip pain, the doctors normally start with nonoperative pain relief, which may include bracing, exercise, weight loss, and steroid injections. If your hip pain continues, the doctors may recommend anterior hip replacement for a long-lasting solution.

How do I prepare for an anterior hip replacement?

The doctors work closely with Hill Country Memorial Hospital to prepare you for surgery through the Restore program. This program includes a special hip replacement preparation seminar to help you have a successful procedure. 

Additionally, the Restore program gives you support and guidance after your surgery, including pain management, group therapy, personal coaches, and many other benefits to help you recover and feel your best. You can attend Restore reunions throughout the year to connect with others who had the same type of surgery as well. 

Are you ready to learn more about how anterior hip replacement can restore your function and stop your hip pain? Book an appointment by calling Texas Hill Country Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine or clicking on the online scheduler.